• Chicken Shack



    Chicken Shack


    Chicken Shack



    Groupe de blues britannique





    Chicken Shack

    40 Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed

    and Ready to Serve





    SIDE A

    00:00 The Letter

    04:28 Lonesome Whistle Blues

    07:30 When The Train Comes Back

    11:02 San-Ho-Zay

    14:06 King Of The World

    SIDE B

    19:08 See See Baby

    21:34 First Time I Met The Blues

    28:00 Webbed Feet

    30:55 You Ain't No Good

    34:32 What You Did Last Night







    Chicken Shack


    O.K. Ken?





    1. Baby's Got Me Crying

    2. The Right Way Is My Way

    3. Get Like You Used to Be

    4. Pony and Trap

    5. Tell Me

    6. A Woman Is the Blues

    7. I Wanna See My Baby

    8. Remington Ride

    9. Fishing in Your River

    10. Mean Old World





    Chicken Shack

    100 Ton Chicken





    1 The Road Of Love

    2 Look Ma, I'm Cryin'

    3 Evelyn

    4 Reconsider Baby

    5 Weekend Love

    6 Midnight Hour

    7 Tears In The Wind

    8 Horse & Cart

    9 The Way It Is

    10 Still Worried About My Woman

    11 Anji






    Chicken Shack








    1. Diary Of Your Life

    2. Pocket

    3. Never Ever

    4. Sad Clown

    5. Maudie

    6. Telling Your Fortune

    7. Tired Eyes

    8. Some Other Time

    9. Going Round

    10.Andalucian Blues

    11.You Know You Did You Did

    12.She Didn t Use Her Loaf

    13.Smartes Girl in Town

    14.Hideaway (Instrumental, Bonus Track)






    Chicken Shack


    Imagination Lady




    Crying Won't Help You Now 0:00

    Daughter of the Hillside 5:10

    If I were a Carpenter 8:55

    Going Down 15:20

    Poor Boy 18:44

    Telling your Fortune 23:46

    The Loser 34:42






    Chicken Shack


    Unlucky Boy




    01. You Know Could Be Right

    02. Revelation

    03. Prudence's Party

    04. Too Late To Cry

    05. Stan The Man

    06. Unlucky Boy

    07. As Time Goes Passing By

    08. Jammin' With The Ash

    09. He Knows The Rules

    Bonus Track:

    10. As Time Goes Passing By (Single Version)






    Chicken Shack


    Goodbye Chicken Shack




    01. Spoken Intro / Everyday I Have The Blues

    02. Thrill Is Gone

    03. Going Down

    04. You Take Me Down

    05. Webb's Boogie

    06. You're Mean

    07. Poor Boy

    08. Webb's Guitar (Boogie) Shuffle

    09. Tutti Frutti






    Chicken Shack


    Stan the Man





    01. Going Up Going Down

    02. The Thrill Has Gone

    03. Love Her With A Feeling

    04. Look Out

    05. Lost The Best Friend I Ever Had

    06. C.S. Opera

    07. Broken Hearted Melody

    08. Poor Boy - Oh Well - Poor Boy

    09. Dr. Brown - Reconsider Baby





    Chicken Shack


    That's the Way We Are




    A1.The End

    A2. High Cost Of Love

    A3. Doesn't Matter About Your Size

    A4. It Wasn't Me

    A5. You'll Be Mine

    A6. Sillyness

    B1. Little Bird

    B2. Rich Man's Blue

    B3. Emily

    B4. Let Me Love

    B5. Shake Your Moneymaker





    Chicken Shack



    The Creeper





    01.The Creeper



    03.Riding With The Devil


    05.Stop Knocking My Door

    06.Blue Vein

    07.It's Easy

    08.The Guitar Playing Derelict

    09.Dr. Brown

    10.Red Haired Lady






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  • Commentaires

    Jeudi 14 Septembre 2017 à 10:05

    Chicken Shack, encore la grande époque des années 60-70 et ma jeunesse... Un des plus importants représentants du blues anglais, avec John Mayall, Savoy Brown, Fleetwood Mac (période anglaise)...Chicken Shack, c'est avant tout le guitariste-chanteur Stan Web (qui continue à faire vivre le groupe avec d'autres musiciens..), Christine McVie , Keef Hartley et de nombreux autres musiciens...Je recommande aussi l'album "Boogie Brothers" attribué à Savoy Brown, qui était un "super-groupe" de guitaristes, avec Stan Webb, Kim Simmonds (le guitariste de Savoy Brown) et Miller Anderson, plus l'incroyable rythmique, Jimmy Leverton-Eric Dillon. Le Chicken a été créé en 1967 avec Stan Web, Christine McVie et Keef Hartley...Je ne les ai jamais vus. Mais j'ai toujours le vinyl "Boogie Brothers"...



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