• Ancient Symphonies: Black Widow & Plus (1969)





    Ancient Symphonies: Black Widow & Plus (1969)


    Ancient Symphonies 

    Black Widow & Plus 







    black widow- Pre-cbs demo
    A1 In Ancient Days.mp3
    A2 Come To The Sabbath .mp3
    A3 Conjuration.mp3
    B1 Seduction.mp3
    B2 Sacrifice.mp3

    plus- the seven deadly sins
    01-Introit - Twenty Thousand People.mp3
    02-Gloria In Excelsis - Toccata.mp3
    03-Avarice - Daddy's Thing.mp3
    04-Pride - Pride.mp3
    05-Sloth - Open Up Your Eyes.mp3
    06-Wrath - Gemegemera.mp3
    07-The Secrets - Devil's Hymn.mp3
    08-Lust - Maybe You're The Same.mp3
    09-Envy - I'm Talking As A Friend.mp3
    10-Gluttony - Something Is Threatening Your Family.mp3
    11-The Dismissal - Twenty Thousand People.mp3



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